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NFT Coffee Subscription

Cusdel is a distinctive NFT project bringing real-world food & beverage shipments and delivering 360° experience to members.

Grow with us, experience the best perks you ever had, and stand a chance to be a part of Cusdel’s sales royalty.

Starting with Coffee, Cusdel will consist of 5,000 unique tokens, living as NFT on the Binance Smart Chain.

only on Pentas.io

Collect Cusdel NFT & Get Real World Reward


Committed to delivering long term value to you beyond NFT

Real World Reward Awaits You

Our Coffee

Freshly roasted beans specially for you from Columbia, Sumatra, and Brazil.

Born as NFT, Grow as phygital F&B brand

Our Community

First DAO to launch F&B products in Malaysia

Cusdel's vision as F&B NFT

Welcome to cusdel.com.
At every phase, community will unlock REAL world reward shipment.